Ridiculous Bride

This is about a very intellectual cousin of mine. He had really worked hard all his life and become something that everyone in the family is now proud of.
An year back, when my Uncle and Aunt(my cousin’s parents) were looking for a bride to get my brother married. Eventually they found one. My brother went out with her for around 2 months and decided to get married.
All things were taken care of. All the possible arrangements were done. And then One day when this girl saw my brother reading a Newspaper, she just ran off to her house only to never come back. And the wedding was called off.
Do you know of the catastrophe that  she saw when my brother was reading the paper, which resulted in calling off the wedding?
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Yes, The catastrophe was that my brother was wearing glasses while reading the paper.
And when my brother got the news, he goes, “BITCH! Am glad dad left them (specs) on the table while I was reading the paper”.
YES! He doesn’t have specs, he was just fooling around with the one’s that Uncle left there before going to take a bath. I’m just glad that everyone that everyone read the sign well and called off the wedding instead of lurking around the bitch trying to explain her what happened.
There are some Batshit Crazy and Ridiculous people out there. BEWARE

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