Stranger Girl

Back in 2013. January 2013. First week of January 2013.
I was in a boarding school back then. So our school usually has a “Year End” Trip in January. And that year I was supposed to complete my schooling and pass out Class 10th. This was the last trip I’d be going to with my school friends.
Coming to the story.We went to the most celebrated Water Park in India, Wonderla, Bangalore. Frankly, it was LEGENDARY! As soon as we reached, because we were there as a “school”, there were some instructions and shit. And then we were let free. So I’m not into all this water rides and other stuff, OK. But I was just wandering around the dry rides along with a couple of my friends. And after enjoying quiet some dry rides, me and my friends were just sipping drinks.
Now, this is when a girl of around our age came running and sat right next to me. Really close. She was panting. I really got worried. So, I just offered her my drink and she drank it all. Now I was pissed. I paid double the MRP for that drink, and she gulped it all in. But I waited for her to settle down.
Couple of minutes later,
She: Thanks bro.
Me: (the inner lover-boy was awakened by now) What the hell! You come running in here. Sat so fucking close to a Stranger (Like I minded) Drank all of my drink that I paid double the amount for. And now you go on and call me a “Bro!”. This is unacceptable…
All this while she’s just smiling at me and maybe listening..
She: (interrupting me) Now that I’ve pulled myself together and I’m looking at you right now, even I think calling you a “bro” was a big mistake.
Me: ** come on now, isn’t it obvious, I was trying hard to control my smile from spreading all over my face, I mean, she said this with such a straight face and a naughty grin, that any guy would become her slave right there. Only Now was I noticing how beautiful this girl was. Her Eyes! God, Her eyes! I could just keep looking at her for the rest of my life**
Now this is the kind of moment your friends would love to spoil. There they were, all this time, they were right next to me. But I forgot about them. Now, they’ve entered the scene.
Friend 1 : Girl, this guy is bad. Stay away from him.
Friend 2: He has a Girl Friend..
I quickly responded: NO! We live in a fucking Boys Hostel.
to which she laughed.
She: **still laughing** **now caring** awww.. am so sorry for you. You miss girls?
I told myself, “Hell! I do”
What I told her: “Not really”
Soon my friends Bid her goodbye and were pulling me to go with them. I don’t know what was with me, I was stuck to the chairs as if my ass was glued to it. But they were 3 and I was one, So they managed to pull me over. And just then..
She: Hey! We aren’t even introduced to each other yet. You can’t go like this. My daddy says being cordial is being polite.
Me: ** getting rid of those bastard** ** they left** ** I sat back** So you listen to everything your daddy says.
She: Only when it’s benefiting. **winks
Me: Let’s stand near the fencing. It’s getting hot in here. ( there were pools right below where we stood, kind of a bridge, it had a fencing)
She: **standing up** Sure!
The Fencing
We were standing near the fencing. A ride was right about 30 feet next to us. We could see people falling into the pool off these rides.
Me: So why were you running? Who were you running away from.
She: Oh that. My friends. I’m running away from my friends. They enjoy these rides and all. I don’t. They’re trying to put me in on this.
Me: funny, me too. Even I do’t like Wet rides.
She: Yeah. What else do you like dry? **She’s fast, already flirting.
Me: Well there are a couple of things that I like wet more than dry.
She: And what are those things? ** getting playful**
Why the hell would I back off, when she’s acting so playful and naughty.
Me: Ahh! An Ice Cream? (yes, I backed off)
She: *** uncontrollable mad laughter** you’re such a pussy. you’re scared to even say things.
Me: ** ego-hurt** Shut Up! That is because we’re still Strangers. I can’t use “inappropriate language” like you are. Didn’t your dad teach you this.
She: I told you, I only learn what benefits me.. **still laughing**
Me: Cut it out now.
She: *calmed down, Beautiful Smile on Face, Stretching a hand out to me* Purvi
Me: *smiling, shaking hands* Vin
She: Diesel?
He: *grinning* am not that rich neither am I bald.
She: Sure you aren’t. I love your hair. ** touches my hair**
Pre-context: I don’t let people touch anything on me. But I couldn’t confront her.
She had 1000X times more beautiful hair than I did.
Me: never seen a more modest one. Look at your own hair. So lovely. **I couldn’t believe my eyes, but she was blushing**
Me: Look at those eyes, from the minute you came running, till this moment, I can’t get my eyes out of them. ***the romantic me was taking over really quickly** those cheeks, I wonder how awesome must it feel to be sleeping with your face against that. ***she was a Tomato by now**
She: WoW. You have a romantic side too? Impressive.
Me: Oh, you got impressed. Normally people get impressed after I kiss them. You must be different.
She:  I wouldn’t mind getting impressed again. **hinting for a kiss**
Me: I’ll gladly oblige.
The time was around 4:30. We’re on this bridge under which there’s a pool. The Sun was just about right to make it look somewhere between morning and evening. I gathered all the courage I had and held her by her waist. It wasn’t new to me. But it was new, because this is a total stranger. We stood that close for like 2 minutes.
She: Do you want a picture taken of us like this? **sarcastic**
Me: That’d be a great Idea.
She: Shut Up!
She held my face in her hands. And pecked my lips. I didn’t co operate.
She: ** mad ** Don’t you fucking play with me, I’ll bite it off (she’s talking about the lips)
Now, she wrapped her arms around my neck and I wrapped my arms around her waist and we kissed for good 2 minutes. The longest two minutes of my life. I didn’t care about our school guys around. I didn’t give a fuck if any hostel Department would watch us. I really was running out of fucks to give faster than ever as we kissed. and then we broke it. her lips were as soft as a baby. I couldn’t get enough of them.
She: WOOW! I’m certainly Impressed!
Me: WoW! I’m impressed too.
And then for the next hour or so, she told me about her, and all other things in her family. When She had to leave, She gave me her number, but I told her that I won’t be calling her for like, another 4 months, because I am in a fucking boarding school. She said, it’s OK, She’ll wait.
I returned back to my life. 3 days after this trip, I got a call. All calls are attended in the student office. The place has an Incharge. He inquires who’s calling and then calls upon the respective student. I was called saying the call was from my home. But when I reached, a surprise awaited me.
It was her. Purvi. It was evident by my ear to ear smile after hearing her voice, that I was in something like love with her. I was totally not expecting this. She told me she got our school number from our website and that she wanted to talk to me really badly. We talked for 15 minutes.(Boarding schools have a limit for call timings)
Soon we were caught. Our calls are tapped. So that we only talk to our parents from the hostel phone. A slight doubt, and you’re left out from the next 2 phone call weeks(boarding schools have such weeks when you’re allowed to make a call to your house for 10 minutes). They told her not to call. But nothing to worry, I had her number. I’d contact her as soon as I go back home.
But! Satan had different plans. I LOST her number whilst all the boards, tests, practicals and stuff. I never forgot about her. But I really couldn’t find it anywhere.
I don’t know what happened to her after that. I never could have called her. There are millions pf phone numbers in this world. I tried to search the internet phone directory. But as she wasn’t old enough to have a telephone in her name, and the fact that I didn’t know her last name, I couldn’t find her. I tried searching for her on facebook. Thousands of Purvis. No luck there either. Pretty sure she must have thought wrong of me by then, and she had all the right to think so.
But the story didn’t end there. I wish it had. But it didn’t. She found me on facebook. I was trilled and happy and on cloud nine and what not. But it didn’t last long. She didn’t wait for me. (why would she? I’m a careless, irresponsible bastard.) She was already seeing someone. We talk a lot on messenger, but just as friends. She’s a very loyal girlfriend. She’d never cheat on her Boy Friend and I wouldn’t let her even. Last month was her Boy friend’s birthday. I sent her a T-shirt from Bewakoof.comand asked her to give it to her Boy friend, He loved it. This, “68, you owe me one! ;)” was printed on it.
This story is awful. But it’s special to me. I will possibly never meet her again just to be friends and lurk around. But she made me a responsible person. Every time I think about it,about the number that I lost, only one thing echoes in my head, My father’s annoying life lessons, “Son, If you don’t take responsibility, you’ll miss out on a lot of things you could have easily lived with”. It kills me . I haven’t stopped dating anybody. I don’t like sulking over the past. But I do think about it every now and then. Only thing I miss is the feeling of dating her. Just thinking about how would it feel to take her on a date makes me happy. To make her feel like a princess in my little “Vin-Land”. Visiting the beaches.enjoying a sunbath. Making Stuff out of sand. Spending the evening under the open sky on the beach. Her sleeping on top of me, Me rolling my hand on her beautiful hair, and then giving a small peck on her head. Damn It!! It kills me and that’s what made me responsible. Because now I know what I might lose. And that’s why I feel, ‘Every time it feels like am gonna make it, that’s when it falls apart’.

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  1. You write too damn good i wish i too could… keep it up… and yeah your bad luck with the stranger girl….. and yeah your talk about gurukul reminds me of a lots of memories…

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