Sweetest Secret

This was back in 2010.
I was in Class 8th. It had been 3 years since I was sent here to a boarding school. Apparently, I was too much of a “trouble-seeker” for my parents. So I was sent to boarding from class 6. I never cried. In fact Life just became 1000x more awesome.
Cut to Class 8th, New people joined the hostel. So naturally the one’s that’ve been there for quite sometime are indulged in making the newbies feel home, because mostly newbies are Homesick. I was playing this role for a really calm and Patient guy. His name was Rev. We became Good Friends.
I played for my School’s Basketball team. Keep in mind, I was one of the shortest guys in the school, but I was still in the team. I was 4’2 back then. (Now am 5’6 though 😉 So when we used to practice for tournaments while others had dinner. This guy used to watch me play. Even the best of my friends didn’t give a fuck about my tournaments.(They’re great guys, but they had their own things) So I found it a little too weird. Then when we used to go for Prayers in the evening, he used to stand right next to me. He was maybe be 5-6 inches taller than me, Pretty Face, And a kind heart. But He always stuck around me, even though he had his own friend circle.
Two months of this and one day he asked me to come to the second floor of the Prayer Hall. Our prayer Hall was huge, Very Huge. He said he wanted to show me something. It wasn’t uncommon for people discussing things in the prayer hall. But he called me during a Lecture, and that’s when nobody would be there. So I went thinking what could it be. I had no problems getting out of the school. The principal knew me, hell everybody knew me as “the Mafia” guy, Since I was the most notorious kid they’ve ever schooled.
I went and sat on a bench that’s usually there on the second floor of the prayer hall. He came just about 5-10 minutes later. He bought a Coke for both of us. I was drinking it. I asked him, so what were you going to show me? He said, it’s actually nothing. He wanted to tell me something. and then he gave me a paper which had something like a poem in it. very bad poem, but it was clear that he had a very different kind of feelings for me. He read it to me. and then he said a lot of things about what he felt about me.
By now, I was standing. I was taken by surprise. I had no Idea what to do. And before I could manage to say anything. He got really close, before I knew it, he pecked me on my forehead. I don’t know what it was, but that felt so loving. it felt like Parenting. But then he stepped up his game and pecked me on my lips. Now, I was Terrified. Believe me, I couldn’t manage to move even a single muscle in my body. And he started really kissing me. But it had to stop.
“Rev, man. I don’t know what to say. But dude I’m really flattered with all these. And I really appreciate it, I really do. But I’m not Gay.”
He goes, “I know”
I had always been a reader. So compared to anyone of my classmates, I was much more aware and mature of all these things. I’ve already read a lot about it. I made my own principles after reading a lot, that I’d respect everyone without giving a fuck about their sexual orientation. I knew it’s not something one can choose to be or not to be.
by Now he ad teary eyes.
“Bro, listen. Don’t feel down man. I understand you. I feel special that you came out to me. But you can’t be with me. I have different interests. And I have a crush back home, who I am in a relationship with in my head”
and he broke into a laughter.
I never want to share this with anybody, not because I feel ashamed or anything. There’s nothing to be ashamed of here. I don’t want to share it because it’s one of those things that you just don’t want to share it with anybody. Because it’s so darn Special. We’re still friends. I met him 3 months back. He playfully asked me for a kiss, while his BF was right next to him. That’s one thing about being Gay which is awesome. Your partner won’t get jealous when you say these things. Because he ‘s a guy too. and Guys are really cool with other guys. We understand every other guy really well. And that’s something a girl will never experience. Of course they’ve their own perks. But never mind.
A Big Shout out to all you Gay guys. I love you Guys.  You’re NO DIFFERENT.

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