What was Grandpa like?

Ever Since I was a kid, I had observed my Dad to have a really cool and childish Attitude. He never pressurized me to study, or anything for that matter. Old Man created everything that we have now, from trash. A well known man among the business men in Mumbai for his obvious business skills. But that’s not what this is about.
This is about that one time, when we were at this “religious” gathering, my dad and me being atheists, were only there because the house’s “Leading Lady” asked us to be.. So me and my Dad were just walking around together, and I suddenly spot this girl, who by her dress, looked Gujarati. As she passed by us, I just turned around and my eyes started controlling my body, and compelled it to follow her.
My dad noticing his son suddenly turning and lurking around a Stranger Girl at a religious place, says, “Bro, the way you are, I think you can score better” (Of course, not in English.)”Moreover, right now I need your company, Don’t leave me Alone!”
And I just smiled and walked off along with him.
This story is special because it shows how awesomely Cool my dad is, the brotherhood that we share, and that we are friends before anything. And I would want my kids to know this story because then they’d know that their father was raised by a Man of Principles who was loved by all. And that they can be assured that they’d get the same treatment from their father as he got from his own.
Love You Dad!

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