Classroom Tales #1

It’s about the time when things were fun. When the day felt boring as fuck, I decided to spend sometime playing, singing, chatting in the last bench of our classroom. It was Physics class. The teacher who taught us Physics was very fond of me, for obvious reasons. (*silent claps*) I had pretty good grasp of the subject, especially the concepts of the one he was teaching right about that time. Unlike other few teachers, he knew what he was teaching.(props*) A very nice guy. Always helping the students. I always listened to his lectures very carefully(or pretended to be listening). But this time I wasn’t interested in either of those. Do you know why? Because we just finished a Social Science lecture of fucking 3 hours. So all the fucks I bought today to the school were consumed by the Social Studies Teacher.


It’s been around 15 minutes that the class had started, and me and my friends were fooling around in the last few benches. Fun times. So right about then. The Teacher pin points me for the first time ever in his class, gives me a stare and lets me go for this one time. But I seriously was fucking bored, and moreover I knew the topics he was teaching already, A senior had taught me.

I was busy in my world of chit-chats without giving a rat’s ass to whatever was happening in the class. In the next 15 minutes, he gave me around 20 stares and 1000 signals to stop fucking around and start paying attention. It might seem like he was serious, but he’s a pretty funny guy. He wasn’t really serious. At least that’s what I thought.

5 more minutes, and now he lost it! He suddenly stopped teaching, ” So when you curl your fingers around, the direction of the current is…. Vinesh… Mr.Vinesh.. aaiye” I didn’t fear him, like I said, he was fond of me, and was a pretty awesome guy. “Aaiiye aaiiye.. come here. Everyone, aage ki class Vineshji Padhayenge”… and I was like “Bilkul, me padhaunga na, waise bhi sare gadhe hai, exam se pehle mere se hi tho seekh the hai” I don’t know why was I saying this shit. Too much confidence. Now my Sir said, ” Ruko! Continue the concept that I was teaching just now”..
Shit just got real! I had no idea which concept was he teaching. I only knew the chapter he was teaching. He had erased everything there was on the board. Time for some calculations. I told myself, “it’s been about 35 minutes, he must have covered this, this and that and more of that. And I began talking about the heating effect of electric current.


“A cell is a source of energy. Because of the Potential difference the electrons flow through resistors and complete the circuit. And some of the source energy is used in work while most of it has to be expended in the form of Heat. bla bla bla..” And then I end it.
After a 5 minute continuous speech, I look confidently in my teacher’s eyes with a sense of achievement that I was able to deceive him. And soon I’m honored with a huge round of applause from the class and then Sir, who was in my seat until now, walks up to the front of the class and goes.. “What I learnt from this is that, Vinesh has no idea what is going on in this class. He just explained what I was supposed to explain in the next lecture. I also learnt that everyone in this class are IDIOTS! By giving him an applause, all of you just proved that none of you were actually listening.”
And then the whole class had a hearty laugh, but I was still thrown out. It didn’t matter anyways, Because a minute later, the class had to end.

Yet another story of my life.

This is Us!


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7 thoughts on “Classroom Tales #1

  1. This was a nice read!, I’m you are being active in this blog means you really are having fun doing this. and I respect you for that! ( guaranteed xD) πŸ˜€
    you have nice literature skill. I have tired doing this before. when I was in 9th grade, I used to go to school through metro. going to school through metro used to be about 20 mins of journey and in this much time I noted down the things I did and thought about the things I saw and experienced in my hand diary so that I could make a nice story out of all the shit happened in that time.
    However, I became a lazy ass!….the things I noted is still there in my hand diary, it feels nostalgic whenever I read it.
    I’m pretty much sure that I’m going to do something with all the shit I have noted from those days after I pass out from school! πŸ˜€
    anyway man this was fun!…you made me remember something great from before that I haven’t mentioned above!..
    NO!, actually its better if I don’t mention it xD


  2. hhahahaha.. Start documenting then bro!! anyways, Thanks A TON Bro! I love you for this feedback.. couldn’t ask for more.. if you want a notification of newer posts then you can still follow me.. the follow link is on the right bottom of the homepage.
    Thanks Again. THANKS A TON!


  3. I loved the story and it reminded me of my teacher in high sh cool who once told me “only good students can fool me, because I trust them blindly, but also only them can disappoint me” – πŸ™‚


  4. Hi there! Thank you for checking out my blog (and thank you for complimenting my writing!). You write pretty well yourself, and your story was very engaging and an easy read. It’s been a while since I was in high school, so this was pretty entertaining haha. Keep on writing!!



  5. Reading dis made me nostalgic….whole of our 5 years flashed infront of my eyes
    And i ain’t dat good at english nd i always say u r damn good at it nd u proved right all over again..
    Nice literature…loved it…u gotta nice dictionary dude…
    Btw u could hv chosen a bttr subject rather than physics….like HINDI….if u got wht i wanna indicate..😜😜…
    Nd at last dat pic….our gang…nd yeah i look awesome as usual😜😜….


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