I made him Cry

I made my Dad cry !

So my Dad’s job makes him Travel  A LOT. He was home last week. But he had to leave a couple of days back. That day, he had a flight to catch at 5 pm. So he was having Lunch alone at around 1:30 pm, while my mom was sitting next to him and asking if he has packed all his important belongings.
My Father is a very very very BUSY MAN. While he was eating, He was on phone with someone. Not happy. He was gulping his food like a starving kid, because he had to take care of a few things before leaving. I had just come back home ,I was noticing all of this from a distance. So I just walked near to him, took his plate in my hands,mixed the veggies, and started feeding him. I tried to be  slow, because I  didn’t want him to choke, Because the way he was eating a second back, would definitely leave him choking.
So just after 2 morsels, he tried to take the plate back and have his food on his own. I didn’t allow it. Eventually, he reluctantly co operated. I fed him. I fed him slowly. I let him swallow every morsel as slowly as possible. I made sure he had water by him.I fed him.  It was only after a couple of minutes that I had noticed the watery eyes of my father. I didn’t want him to cry. (He cries like a Baby)
I was feeding him food, just some ordinary food. But what was reaching his gut was nothing like ordinary. what reached his belly was the Love, the Care, the Friendship, The brotherhood that we share. All this was reflecting through his eyes. All those things that he didn’t say, had long been delivered by his eyes. And just then my mom goes, ” Aiya Koduku iddaru manchiga ne unnaru, nene pichhidanni”, which roughly translates to, “Father and Son are really good, am the only one that’s been left out”. I think she was mad, because we totally ignored her presence.
And when daddy finished his food. I washed his hand in the plate, and took off with it to the basin. But what I overheard from the kitchen was what made me write this today. As soon as I was away, My dad said to my Ma, ” Na Janma Dhanyam Ayi Poyinde Iyala”, which again roughly translates to, “My life has been fulfilled today”.
So that was my story. All I want to say is, I have a CGPA of around 10 in class 10th, and I also have an outstanding percentage of around 70 in class 12th, but this never meant a thing to my father. When I scored well in 10th, he bought me, wait,  he didn’t buy me anything really, he just took me to a great restaurant along with my mom and sister, because he knows I absolutely LOVE FOOD. When I scored around 70 in HSC Boards, do you know what happened when I told him my score? He hugged me. He hugged me tight and said, wait, it was more line an announcement, “I’m so Happy! Otherwise, the way you’ve been acting, I was almost certain that you were going to stay in class 12th. I’m so glad you passed”.My High School Principal kept calling dad to the school for all those things she claims I did. Half of the times,My Dad didn’t show up to meet her, because there was a hole in his pocket from where all the fucks he had were falling off and my dad was too cool to pick’em back up. But there were times when he was sad because of me and my Principal. He was losing it. After one such meeting, in the evening he came back home, walked straight into my room, and locked it. I was reading a book and I didn’t notice him. Daddy reaches over to the wooden chair next to my bed, Picks it up and fucking throws it at me, breaking only my arm(thanks to my reflexes). And then he proceeds to beat the shit out of me for almost 25 -35 minutes. At the end of this session, all he said was, “I’m giving you 5 years, Do Something BIG, Do fucking anything, And we’ll visit that BITCH (principal) again to tell her that you’re NOT worthless” His eyes were a little watery again. “I guess I hit you too hard. Sorry bro!” . I don’t think any of this needs any explanation. He cried again. Not because His son couldn’t score well, but because some Bitch called his son “WORTHLESS”, he had to hit me to make me remember this forever.My marks never mattered to him, and they still don’t. And I don’t think any parent really cares for his child’s progress card. It might look like that, but what they really want is for you to lead a happy life.

So when my Dad cried while I fed him I realized this: Your Rank, your status, your success, the amount of money you make, all this might make your parents satisfied of you, But they’ll only be happy through these little incidents. Only then will they truly be proud that you were born to them. So it’s these little things and these little gestures that make life what it is, that pleasures a parent, that creates a better world for people to live in. Appreciate these little things and you’ll never run out of things to be happy about.


And my Ultimate Dream is this.

Me and Daddy walking towards the horizon hand in hand, our fingers entangled; gazing at the early morning sun without a care in the world.

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