Classroom Tales #2 BAM!

I studied in a Boarding school from Grade 6th to Grade 10th.
Those days, I was one of the “clever” students in about 250 of us, but I was also counted as one of the top five notorious students.

There was this care taker who was basically the in-charge of the floor we lived in, he used to be very rude to everyone. Let’s call him “Jay”. Jay used to beat the shit out of us students mercilessly (Yes, you can experience this in India, {am mentioning this only for that one foreign follower I have}). But, since I was everyone’s bunny (not to Jay though), it was very rare that a hand was laid on me. Although I remember, I was beaten up like crazy quite a few times due to some unavoidable, silliest, and craziest things I had done.


One day we were returning from the Vishwambharam (where we are served food), I spotted Jay. And to my fun, Jay was talking with someone right next to the entrance of our School Building, something seemed important. I told my friend, to wait for the upcoming fun. I took a diversion from my usual path and went straight to A and the other person, walked right between them. Now, Is it rude to walk in between two people who are talking to each other? Hell Yeah, It is. It pisses people off. Adding an insult to injury, Jay is actually an Ex-Military Officer.

Now – Boom!! I just passed right between those two slugs. And my friends joined me later, following the usual path.

We strode a bit ahead, and looked back at the marvel I had just done. These two people were staring at me with utmost irritation. I could not control my laughter; to worsen Jay’s temper, my friends joined the laughing party.


Jay almost immediately called me back, shouting “aaye”

Jay : Come here, Idiot.
Me : Yes, sir.
Jay : You passed right through us, Did I say anything?
Me : (**Eating my own words**) No, Sir.
Jay : Then, why are you still looking back and laughing at us again?



And then I walked back silently to my class, without uttering a single word. But I really felt like a badass in that moment.

There are many more naughty things I did in my school days during those 5 years, and these slap counter later might have even crossed a century 😛

I never shared these stories with anyone, Of course the ones who were in it would have known about it, But I doubt if they even remember any of this shit..

But Like Mr. Kalam had said,

“Sometimes it’s better to bunk a class and enjoy with friends, because today when I look
back,marks never make me smile, but memories do..”

Yet another story of my Life.

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