Why me?

Why me?
I thought to myself, as the window fell on my elbow while travelling in the BEST Bus.


I was supposed to be at some place, and I didn’t have much in my pockets, which led me to take a bus. I love sitting next to the right window in the last row. So as soon as I boarded the bus, I took the same seat. There is something about this city that makes me wanna live every moment. So I quickly got busy staring at the buildings, shops, people,vehicles that passed by.

While I was busy doing that, I didn’t realize when, but I was soon contemplating on all the things that I ever did, and feeling sorry for some, but at the same time laughing at a few other ones, all in my head.

Man Looking Through School Bus Window
Man Looking Through School Bus Window — Image by © Daniel Koebe/Corbis


But today was probably not meant for this. Because a series of events took place in fraction of seconds. As things were happening in my head, the driver suddenly applied the brakes, the first event. The bus did a little jumping motion, second event. Third, all the window glasses made ugly noises. Fourth, my window glass didn’t stop there. The hook of my window glass fell lose. The nail of my window glass fell lose. Gravity did it’s thing and the window glass plummeted and went on to land precisely on my elbow.                               (I keep my elbow on the rims of the window, so)

funny bone
Holy Faaaaack!!!!! o.O

Do you know the vibration that you feel when you get hit exactly in the right place near your elbow? that is the funny bone. Yeah, so the part of my elbow in contact with the rim was exactly this, the “funny bone”. The glass fell on my elbow, and before I could bawl about it, the lower elbow hit the rim, and I was in a dilemma to decide which pain to feel first. Worst.

It hurt a lot. I was crying on the inside. There was a kid next to me, I didn’t want to cry in front of him. Hell No! I remembered am a Man, and am not supposed to cry. So I held everything in me. But I still had to ask the Universe, “Why me?”



“There were more than 50 other people in the bus, why only me?” as I asked this, I took a good look at all the passengers. From where i sat, i saw the people who had the window seat:

0 010
little bastards sharing the window seats..


Most of them were just cute little bastards staring out the windows with their heads stuck to the window.
No! I can’t imagine what would have happened if that glass fell on those little heads.

Then there were women. Most looked tired, I guessed they were house women.
Nope! had the glass fallen on any of these women, a family would be in trouble.

Sitting right across my seat was an elderly guy. He was reading the Newspaper, he resembled my late grandpa.
I’d rather let the glass fall on me a million more times than allowing it to fall on him.

stock-photo-happy-senior-man-reading-a-newspaper-on-the-bus-301036643There was another old lady sitting in the seat right in front of mine. She dozed off as soon as she got on the bus. Her head was resting on the window rims.
NOPE!.. She’d probably die right there.

Now that I recall, there were many more working men in the bus too, trying to relieve their stress by playing candy crush on their phones.
So, Not them either. Nobody grants a leave to the employees these days. Had the window fallen on them, they’d get a pay-cut for not being in the office the next day. and their families would be in trouble.

And then there was me. On my vacation. Fucking around in the city. Having nothing to do. No one to take care of. That’s the moment I realized that I was glad it was me.


Thanks for reading, everybody. )


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