Smallest Things

It was around 7:30 pm at Dadar Station, Mumbai. Lots of people strolling left and right. I was supposed to be home by 5:00 pm. After hours of crying, mom allowed me to go see a friend of mine. She knew it wasn’t just going to be a meet and greet like I kept telling her. But she agreed anyway and drew a deadline of 5:00 pm to be back home.


As awesome as the day was, I lost the sense of time and ended up crossing the deadline. In a hurry, I left my friend sending her back on her train. I rushed towards mine only to realize halfway through that the train has been delayed by almost half an hour [rarely happens to a Mumbai Local, but curse my luck] I thought I should better call my mom before she forgets that I exist.[She must have eaten me in her mind by now. ] I slid my hand through my pockets and a shock awaited me. I had lost my phone. Losing a phone is fine, but the thought that mom must be calling me every minute since an hour gave me the feeling of swimming in a pool with crocodiles in it. Surely mom must have turned into a HULK by now, only redder rather than green.


I thought I should first try to contact her somehow, before she starts yelling at my dad, [calling him on his phone while he is at work, not knowing a thing about what’s happening ]  that ALL of this has happened only because of him, and that he is THE most careless person who doesn’t give a damn about family but runs after money!
Moms! I tell you!


So as I wondered who to ask for a phone, a very small kid came to me, asking for some money, so he could get through this day of his life. While I helped this kid, a man was standing next to me, so I asked him, “Bhaiya aapka phone milega, ek urgent phone karna hai, please?”. I don’t know if he heard any of it, but halfway through my pleading, he walked farther away from me. I helped the kid with some mints I had and some money. And he left happily.

For the next few minutes, I lost confidence to ask for a phone. I just kept staring at people, guessing who’d be nice enough to give me their phone[Although people in Mumbai are very warm, and they help each other, today it was just me overthinking]
So until I could gather all the courage to ask an aunt for her phone, I felt something tapping on my hip.

He is for reference only. Although he looks surprisingly  similar 😉


It was that kid who just went by. He came back with a simple feature phone and was trying to get my attention by tapping it on my hip. No matter how good you are with words, you just cannot put those ~feels~ on paper. I think you get it. But the kid was expressionless. And I was grinning from ear to ear looking at this kid. For a moment, I started questioning who IS the kid here? And then I noticed the phone. I asked him, “Mei isse ek call karoo?”
he said,”Isiliye toh laya.”.. “Mere liye?” I asked. “Han!” And my heart just melted right there. I think I just fell on the floor with gratitude. [just my imagination :p]
And then I called my Mom and before I could explain anything else, I had to explain to her that this isn’t my phone, so she should hear me out first and assured her that she’ll be given a few hours to yell at me when I get back home. And after a few minutes, I was done with it.

I got back to the kid and thanked him profusely and then asked him, “Aapka naam kya hai?” He said “Ninad.”  I asked him if he’s hungry and he said yes. I didn’t take the train I was waiting for. I took him to a hotel nearby and we had a lot of snacks together. I really wanted to take a picture with him, but I couldn’t. We talked a lot, for almost an hour. He told me he was 6 years old and that he has an older brother and sister, who both go to government schools. His father works there as a Coolie and is also homeschooling him. His mother also works, but he didn’t know what. haha.

Vada Pav

Soon, I had to leave so I said goodbye, got out of the hotel and started walking away when I felt like someone was looking, and I turned back, he was standing in front of the hotel with a Vada in his hand, looking at me as I walked away. And then he asked me the sweetest thing, Fir kabhi aaoge?” feels~ feels~ and even more feels~
I asked him why, because I thought, clearly he wants me to be back because we just had a party. But his reply hit me like a bullet of Love, he said, “Aapse aur baate karni hai, aapse baat karna achha lagtha hai.” I started crying on the inside like a little girl. But am a Man, so I controlled my external expressions while I bawled internally. Too many feels~~
I said I’ll be back next week. And I walked away from him because he was making him cry so I just wanted to avoid him for now.

That day I lost my phone, but I was strangely happy. And content. And something else too. With all that took place. Unplanned. Rare. Fun. An unplanned meeting, a rare interaction and a fun evening.

“Too often we underestimate
the power of a Touch
a kind Word
a Listening Ear
an honest Compliment
or the smallest act of Caring.
All of which have the potential to turn a life around.”

~ Leo Buscaglia                          

And then I walked into the station and went back home, heard my Mom yell at me for hours, but surprisingly that night, I slept in Peace.



Sometimes All you can do is feel the Gratitude and say Thank You 🙂
You know that you might never be able to return the favor but it’s not always about returning the favors, right?
That little something you get just at the moment you needed it leaves you with nothing but a feeling of eternal gratitude.



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