Besides Sex and Money?

I was asked a question today by a friend of mine. She asked “Besides sex and money, what do guys want?” I thought to pen my thoughts on it.

There’s a girl in my college, she’s a third year student. The first time I saw her was in the bus to our college. I think it was their unit test that day, and she looked tensed and was constantly reading and turning pages over of her notebook. I don’t know what they call that part of the hair which isn’t tied with the rest but is left loose and is always onto your eyes and the women always curl it back their ear, but she had that, and she constantly had to curl it back her ear.


That was the minute I noticed how simple and yet great this girl looked. And I was instantly head over heels. Since then, I always try to find her in college, but for some reason, I never do. In total, I’ve seen her 4 times. And the last time I saw her was at our fresher’s party, where, me and my friends were dancing, like idiots, of course, and her friends were dancing just next to us. Her friends asked her to join, but she just smiled and shied away, but kept filming her friends dancing. Just that smile, I’ve witnessed that like 3–4 times, maybe, just that can make you happy for a week.

Now, what’s funny is that I have never yet imagined anything sexual about her. Not that I do that with every girl I see, but am definitely attracted to this one, a LOT! And all I want is to talk to her, just a little chat. I’d be on cloud nine if she even knew my name! A little bit of hanging out together would leave me elated. And I would die if she ever hugged me! Of happiness, of course.

What am trying to say is, be it a guy or a girl, sex is not something you aspire for in life. It’s the moments you spend with each other that make everything worthy.

What I want in my life is just a few great friends, which am fortunate to already have. Friends who you can talk to, who makes you feel less miserable, who lift your spirits when you’re low, who bring you back on earth when you’re flying too high, who make fun of you, who you make fun of, whom you make fun of others with.

This is just my opinion, and am a simple guy. I have amazing friends and I have been fortunate to meet real people everywhere I went, real friends. And I cherish every moment with them. I don’t know if I can ever find a true life partner for my self, and honestly, that’s not even on my priority list. But after family, all I care about is my friends. So, IMO, all I need is my friends and everything will just be alright.

“Sometimes you gotta go where everybody knows your name”

Things like sex and money aren’t even on my “care about” list.

I know this may not answer the question, but just know that there are guys like me too who seek other things over another.





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