Classroom Tales #3 Date dreaming

Pronunciation: prəˌnʌnsɪˈeɪʃ(ə)n

Pro (like “professional”), nun (like the lady in the church), ci( like “see”) and ation (like “nation”).

One fine day in 2012, after the recess, we had an English lecture. Now I usually love English lectures. But we were appointed a new, really old Sir for a limited period and he constantly kept reminding us how awesome he was and how respected he is in some school in Kathmandu. And the fact that we had been served something really tasty added to my bored attitude in the lecture.(filled stomach + butter milk = sleep)

Deeply involved in my date with Monica Bellucci, I did not notice it had been 20 minutes since the class started until my beloved old man woke me up with a piece of chalk. And then this follows –

Are you too good to be listening to me?


Now am angry, cus I was on a date with Monica fucking Belluci!! For the love of Batman, you could have left me alone for a while!

I hastily rid myself of the anger and stood up, to pay my respects to my lord. Proper Hail Hitler shit!

…… …. .. er No, sir. I was listening to you. But the slides you’ve been showing are the ones we’ve seen already.

And you know everything about it now, boy?

of course not, Sir. (This isn’t how I conversed back then, I am just making my English look good :p)

Well you did give that reason for sleeping in my class. If you want to sit back down, you’ll have to answer my question.

I can try, Sir.

What is the pro noun ciation of Isthmus? (really hard word I can’t remember now, so let’s say isthmus)

I tried twice.

Believe me, I was the go-to guy in my class if you ever had a speech to give. I hosted our fucking annual functions. So I had pretty good spelling capabilities, but I failed at this.

And the old man ragged me, sorry, bullied me like I’d never been bullied before. He was laughing hysterically at a guy in his 10th grade for not knowing a foreign language. SAVAGE!

In a couple more tries and hearing all the options that were thrown at me from the surroundings, I got it right. And then old man has a smirk on his face –

Sit down and next ti…

But Sir, the pronunciation of pronunciation is not pro-noun-ciation… (my voice fading, my instincts telling me to shut up or the principal will be met with yet again)

Nevertheless, he heard it.

Oye! What did you say? Do you want to challenge me?

Not at all, Sir. Am just saying.. tan tan tan tan tan..

And the bell rings for art class, so the class left to the art room with my friends waiting to see if this is the day I finally get kicked out of the school.

I didn’t know from where did he get such sudden upsurge of anger from, but he called the principal from his phone and asked him if he can visit him now because it was a “serious and urgent” matter.

And we were at the principal’s

Please wait to be yelled at.

I guessed it before I even disconnected the call that it’d be you, Vinesh. (bullshit)

(Yet again, we meet, sire!, I thought to myself)

What happened, Sir? Princy asked my teacher.

(Old man) This boy here says I don’t know anything about my subject. (Oh! Come on! you liar!)

I never said that sir, but am still sorry.

Well now you’ll be punished, Vinesh. Like always. Says my principal.

Wait! If there’s punishment then am not sorry, Sir. I was just trying to tell Sir that he is pronouncing the word “pronunciation” wrong.

There! He’s said that several times now. That I pronounce “pronounciation” wrong.

My Principal had a jaw-dropping vocabulary. And he just stared into my eyes for more than a minute, no exaggeration. He must have been so mad that I put him in that position where am actually right and he’s supposed to defend me against a teacher. hahaha!
But by the grace of Batman, our Science HOD walked in, Sir, you’re needed at the meeting.

I’ve never seen my principal walk that fast. We were both saved from the misery of telling him that he was, in fact, wrong. In that instant, I became The Flash, vibrated myself into thin air and reappeared before my friends who were guffawing by the door in the corridor.

Just another day in school..


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