Teen Etiquette

For am gonna soon be out of this age group, I have a thing or two to say. Here it goes.




  • LISTEN when people are talking. It’s annoying and disrespectful to the speaker when they’re trying to talk to you and you’re just staring at that screen and looking at pictures of strangers who you think are your friends. So Listen.


  • Grow a spine. Don’t let anyone talk shit to you. When you know you’re right, face them and smack the facts in their face. When your friends are wrong, tell them.



  • Have some self-respect. Don’t chase him/her. A “No” means a “No”. It won’t miraculously turn into a yes just because you followed her everywhere, although it might lead you to a night in prison.



  • Try and help in your household chores. To this point you’ve been nothing but a burden to the society, eating up all the resources and complaining about every single thing you find not to your liking. So do at least something helpful.


  • You don’t need a DSLR. You don’t need to have a photoshoot every week. You’re a student, get to your business.

  • Being a teen and talking trash of older generation doesn’t make you cool. Trash talking about anyone is not cool. Have a problem with someone, have the guts to say it to their face, but be ready for the consequences. Or you could act maturely and sit down and talk your issues out with that person.

  • Smoking Cigarettes is not cool but stupid. (inclusive of Alcohol)
  • Smoking Cigarette just to look and act cool is even stupider and just dumb.



  • Don’t be an asshole. Shape your mind right. Don’t be mean to people for no reason. Kindness can lead to unimaginable heights. Be kind to everyone. This is teen etiquette because teenage habits stick around with you longer than you imagine, which brings up another point..



  • Focus. What you do now will affect your life significantly. It might not matter much, but it’ll significantly affect everything you do later on. So focus on the right segments. It’s not about academics. It’s about knowing what you want. Me, for instance, I just wanna be happy and am a simple guy and simplest shit make me happy, so am sorted for life. But if you’re not like me, you have a greater dream, you gotta start focusing on it.

In the end, have no REGRETS. Years from now, make sure you can say that you chose your life, you didn’t settle for it. Choose memories over materials. 



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