A few months ago I finished reading Khaled Hosseini’s “The Kite Runner”. And obviously, I was left heart broken. At the time I didn’t have any thoughts about it except extreme sadness. But a couple days back I thought, if this book is ever adapted in a bollywood film what would the casting be like? And my thoughts had no end so I penned it down. Here’s my casting for this imaginary movie.

Tanay Chheda – Amir as a Kid.

With all the young spirited acting he’s capable of, he’ll be bang on.

Harsh Mayar/Parth Bhalerao – Hasan kid

If you’ve seen this kid in the movie “I am Kalam”, you know how fitting and capable he is.


Parth Bhalerao

He can pull this off equally well. Quite a dilemma if someone had to actually do this casting. You must know him from the critically acclaimed hit movie, Bhoothnath Returns. He acted alongside Sr Bachchan.

Amitabh Bachchan – Baba (Amir’s Father)

A wealthy, well respected businessman, atheist with his own set of moral codes and will give his life by standing for what he believes in. Everybody makes a mistake.

Does he need an introduction?

Mr. Bachchan would be more than able to fill in Amir’s father’s shoes.

Tisca Chopra – Sofia ( Amir’s dead mother)

The mother Amir never had but only heard about.

Who better to play it than her, who played Ishaan Avasthi’s mom in Taare Zameen Par.

Naseeruddin Shah – Rahim Khan

The Father Amir agha wished he had. Acting as a father figure at all times to him. Baba’s best friend, business partner and secret keeper.


Sanjay Mishra – Ali ( Hassan’s Father )

A faithful servant. A loyal fellow. A disturbed soul. A bullied grown man.

Let’s address the man in the house: Sanjay Mishra.
He has lately shown us how commendable can he be at what he does best.
He can play Ali just as good as anyone else ever will.

SRK – Amir when married

A man makes mistakes. He was childish. He regrets it. But what can he do?

There’s a way to be good again..

SRK has quite the experience (if you ignore his latest ventures) in playing this kind of role. Early this year, he proved it again, he can act. SRK will do justice to Amir’s remorseful role.

Irrfan Khan – Hassan when married

A fighter. Best friend. Saviour. Hungry for knowledge. Considered an inferior, a Hazara. A man with scars whose stories he doesn’t speak of. A man who has the spirit to continue living even if everything he has is shattered to shambles.

Just his picture is enough!

Tabu – Soraya

Intelligent, beautiful and has always been there for Amir. His first and last love.

I think Tabu fits well.

Ameesha Patel – Sanaubar

Infamously immoral in her youth. Flees away from family. Kind of a Veela.
But she proves that she can be good too. There’s always a way to be good…

Ahhhh!!! (Sorry, got a little carried away there.. *coughs*Iloveher*coughs*

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the heartthrob of my kingdom – AMEESHA PATEL!!! (oh my god! I need a break, I can’t write this right now)

Lara Dutta – Farzana ( Hassan’s wife )

She has a very broef role, but she’s a loving mother and a caring wife.

I just thought, since these two have been together in similar scenarios, why beat around other bushes? Presenting Lara Dutta.

Ashutosh Lobo Gajiwala – Assef as a Kid

The teenage Salim from Slumdog Millionaire. Apt.

Rishi Kapoor – General Tahiri ( Soraya’s Father)

Because he’s how I picture General Sahib.

Neetu Singh – Jamila ( Soraya’s mother)

Because I imagine she’d be someone who’d lover her son in law more than her own daughter. (not because she’s Rishi’s wife :p)

Vipin Sharma – Farid

Gruff and unfriendly at first. Then shows his soft side.

Exactly how he played Ishan Avasthi’s father in Taare Zameen Par.
I say, cast him in the lead once.

Ronit Roy – Sharif ( Soraya’s Uncle )

Teeny but important role. This man has connections with big people. Like a diplomat.

Ronit, because he’s just too good to ignore.

If this movie ever really happens, I’d be so happy to watch it. I love crying. 😥


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